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Fennel & Clark


Fennel & Clark™ creates beautiful small batch sterling silver jewelry, including original wax seal jewelry and fabricated pieces. They also curate candles, vintage, and other gifts For the Darkly Romantic™

DONATION: 5% of all sales on the website to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance


Feral Hag

Hand made feral creations for feral creatures

SHOP UPDATE: Feb 2nd 9am Pst

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Kaychainz5000 makes vampyric handmade chain and scale mail designed to be adored an eternity & to outlast your corporeal form.


SALE:11% off with code MOTBEAST

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Metalbox offers earrings and accessories inspired by horror and dark humor. Primarily made of resin, you’ll also find pieces incorporating glass, paper, and plenty of glitter.

SHOP UPDATE: Feb 2nd at 10am EST

SALE: 10% off with code MOTBEAST

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Of Elsewhere

Hand fabricated jewelry with animal skulls and bones motifs. All sterling silver with semi precious gemstones. She makes real tintype images of creatures sculpted and placed within the world of Elsewhere.

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Pretty Undead

Pretty Undead is a shop for all your spooky, cute and nostalgic needs! If you need a statement piece of jewelry, pop socket, or a vibrator keychain then be sure to stop by ☠️🖤👻⚰️

SHOP UPDATE: January 25th 

SALE: Free gift with every purchase and free shipping on orders over $35!

DONATION: 10% of sales will go to The Trevor Project.


Smith&StoneCo-Skeletal Remains - Samantha Rowe.jpeg

Smith & Stone Co.

Smith & Stone Co. creates handcrafted one of a kind sterling silver adornments with an old-world feel. Inspired by the beauty and wonder of Mother Earth, the Occult, Ancient Cultures, Alchemy, and Witchcraft featuring natural gemstones and crystals.

Hand forged in Los Angeles by Artist Samantha Rowe, who has been making jewelry for the last 10 years and is self-taught in the art of Metalsmithing. Her Husband, Nathanial Rowe, is a lapidary artist and provides some of the natural gemstones and crystals that are set in Smith & Stone Co. jewelry.

Each piece is created using traditional metalsmith techniques. All designs are hand sawn, soldered, sanded, and polished with the greatest attention to detail, making each piece a unique work of art.

SALE: Free shipping on orders over $50

DONATION: 10% of sales will be donated to the Black Cat Rescue of LA

Stregas Moon Metal 20230825_152156 - Carley Conemac.jpg

Stregas Moon Metal

Hailing from the wild landscapes of Homer, Alaska, Stregas Moon Metal channels the primal energy of the untamed north into their fierce and meticulously crafted precious metal creations.

SALE: 10% off store wide discount code

SHOP UPDATE: 6pm Alaska (7pm central) on Jan. 25th

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Sweet & Wicked

Adornments for the Sweet & the Wicked ❤️‍🔥 Specializing in custom oddity jewels, find yourself one-of-a-kind earrings, chokers, and chains.

SALE: 20% off, free keychain & sticker

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