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How can I become a vendor for in person or virtual markets?

Our markets are a curated event meaning we have an application process and will accept artists for each show. Not all artists will be accepted. To find out when we will release applications for specific shows we encourage you to follow our posts on Instagram and sign up for our newsletter on our website. We will send out monthly newsletters with information on applications that we will release. Our newsletter subscribers will receive notifications and links to our application releases before anyone else.

Please do not contact us regarding being added to a show after our applications close if you did not submit an application. We go through this process to keep admittance into our markets fair for the artists (and so that Heather and Alex keep everything organized and don’t lose their minds!)

How do your virtual markets work?

As an artist, our virtual markets are a great way to increase traffic to your online shop, increase your social media following, and participate in one of our markets without traveling. Our virtual markets are held over an entire weekend and throughout the market each artist will receive two mentions on our social media site. Each artist will have a specific page on our site during the market including a short blurb, three photos of your work provided by you, and a link to your website. During the market, we will also signify if each particular artist will be releasing a shop update, have any sales through the event, or be donating a portion of their sales to a place of their choosing. Shoppers will be able to sort through all participating artists by either shopping in a particular category or alphabetically. All sales generated by that artist are theirs to keep.


What happens if I was not accepted or added to the waitlist for a market?

We encourage you to keep applying to future markets! We usually receive more applications than available spots and sadly cannot admit everyone so many amazingly talented artists are not accepted in every market. If you have any questions about not being accepted please ask and we will help you out as best as we can. Because our markets are curated there are other reasons an artist may not be accepted including but not limited to:

  1. If the artist has participated in several markets recently without a break.

  2. If the aesthetic of the artists work may not fit in and be as successful at a particular market as other applicants.

  3. If the artist is lacking any examples of their work or does not have any social media presence/ a clear site or place with goods or services available for sale.


What do I need to know as a shopper for your events?

For our in person markets we highly recommend you check our fliers and Instagram for information on each specific venue. While we try to accommodate all ages as much as possible, many of our venues are 21+. Please bring cash! Most of our artists accept cards or other forms of payment however we do ask for a $1 donation at the door for entry which will be donated to a local organization in the city we produce the market in.

Covid rules and regulations

We will be following vaccination and mask mandate laws according to each city we produce the market in. As some cities no longer require a mask mandate anymore we still strongly encourage people to wear a mask indoors, as there can be a bunch of people in a small space. In these cases we just think its better to be safe than sorry.


Are the animals and bones at your market ethically sourced?

YES! We require all our artists to ethically source their bones, taxidermy, wet specimens, etc. This may mean different things depending on the person but for us this means that the animals are not being killed for the purpose of art. The artists can source road kill, found bones in nature, natural deaths from farms, antiques, etc.

We will not allow the illegal sales of any animal according to the state and county laws in the city we are producing the market in.

California State Laws Click Here

Oregon State Laws Click Here


Washington State Laws Click Here


Do you have a no bat policy

We do NOT allow the sales of bats! There has been an issue in the present and past of illegally killing and selling of bats. Most of the time folks can not prove if the bats were legally/ethically sourced so we have chosen not to support the sales of them. There will be no real bats sold at any of our markets. If you are an artist that sells bats and can guarantee they are ethically sourced that’s great but we still will not support that for consistency sake.

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