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Athame Arts

CATEGORY: Home Decor

Athame Arts creates paintings, rugs, and more inspired by witchcraft, fantasy, and the macabre!

 SHOP UPDATE: Shop Update January 26th at 10:00 am PST!

SALE: Free gift with any purchase over $25!

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Horror Pop Designs

CATEGORY: Home Decor

Horror Pop Designs is a hand embroidery artist and illustrator that creates creepy and unique gifts, patterns and patches! They love to be inspired by the darker side of nature and dark humor.

SHOP UPDATE: Feb 2nd 12:01 am PST with NEW items Exclusive to the market!

SALE: 15% off all ready made items and digital items with your code MOTBEAST , Free gift with every purchase AND Free Shipping over $50

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Original Art ! Real History! 1348 - 1848. Original, handmade dark, macabre and Gothic historically based art, inspired by historical psychology, events, folklore and historical figures; from the Black Death, to the Gothic Victorian.

Featuring Gothic historical illustration, prints, candles, tarot cards, bottles,
and plaques providing a creative window into dark history.

SALE: Free shipping

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