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Digital Art / Illustrations / Prints

Archfiend-Art of TonyKonichek - MoB Spotlight 02  - Tony Konichek.jpg

Archfiend - The Art of Tony Konichek

After an eternity of delivering punishment in the lost and hidden crevices of Existence, the Archfiend has laid down its wicked weaponry and picked up a paintbrush.

No longer content to deliver eternal torments, the Archfiend creates original works of the dark and surreal; a catalog of fiends, strange worlds, and terrifying forces to unleash upon the Doomed World.

Espresso Vampire Art_Lonely Ghosted and Dead Valentine’s Mix - T. Sadler (Espresso Vampire

Espresso Vampire Art

Espresso Vampire Art sells eerie yet cozy original artwork, stickers, handmade cards, and bookmarks.

SHOP UPDATE: Feb 2nd, 12:00 A.M. PST!

SALE: Free Shipping over $30 and Free Mystery Sticker with each order

Jonathan Soren Davidson_3 - Jonathan Soren Davidson.jpg

Jonathan Soren Davidson

CATEGORY: Digital Art / Illustrations / Prints

Jonathan Soren Davidson is a trans writer and illustrator. He is interested in using horror as a way of exploring futures of liberation, and believes every act of creation has the potential to be an act of embodiment and resistance.

SALE: 10% off with code MOTBEAST

PurpleApparitions - Sam Pagter.jpeg


Purple Apparitions is an artist that creates spooky yet vivid pieces and prints. She creates stickers, cards, and patches as well. Her specialty is in creating unique tarot crossover pieces.

SALE: 10% off

4horses - Alex & Noble.jpeg

Laid to Rest

Laid to Rest is a creative partnership of macabre jewelry, art, and decorative work. Skilled in maceration, our work begins at death and the intention is always to honor the life that was.

SALE: Free shipping

6 The Lovers Flat - Steven Black.jpeg

Steven Russell Black

Steven Russell Black is a fine artist and illustrator living and working in

the San Francisco Bay Area.

He is a painter who loves the darker side of surrealism. His work often reveals the horror under the surface of beautiful things and the beauty in the horrific.

His client list includes Wizards of the Coast: Magic the Gathering and Image Comics. Steven's work has been in print publications, Imagine FX, and Spectrum Fantastic Art. His work has been featured online with Hi-Fructose and Juxtapoz.

SALE: 25% OFF with Code MOTBEAST

StrangeGhostsThumbnail - Maria Huls.jpeg

Strange Ghosts

Maria is a Cincinnati-based illustrator, print maker, and designer whose work centers around horror, folklore, and witchcraft themes. At Strange Ghosts, find prints, posters, stickers, and other ghoulish goodies. Come in and sit for a spell.

SALE: 25% off all orders. FREE shipping on all orders over $35.

IGpost - Tracy Laub.png

Tracy Laub Art

Tracy Laub is a digital illustrator based out of Cottage Grove, Oregón

Siren Song Watermarked PNG (SM Squared) - Shannon Duncan (Unfinished by Duncan).png

Unfinished By Duncan

Unfinished by Duncan (UBD) is a small woman-owned business creating art and graphic designs with a traditional tattoo twist to the macabre. Based in Arizona, UBD sells art prints, bookmarks, glass tumblers with vinyl designs, keychains, and more. All art and illustrations are hand-drawn by the shop owner, Shannon, this includes commission work and special requests.

SALE: 10% off orders over $50.00

Virtual Booth: YouTube

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