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Insect Monarch

CATEGORY: Curiosities / Oddities

Insect Monarch is the studio of vintage bubble glass frames full of vibrant florals, Butterflies, Moths, and Beatles! Oddities & Antiques are their passion and they can be found within! 🦋💕

SHOP UPDATE: February 2nd at 9am MTN/EST 11am

SALE: 5% off and FREE shipping with code MOTBEAST



Pyrography on bone. Each piece burned with a one of a kind design on ethically sourced bone to honor each animals life. Glass etched scrying mirrors

IMG_5102 - Mae Coutts.jpeg

Stone Heart Forge

Stone Heart Forge is a woman owned blacksmithing, broom making and flintknapping shop located in Northern Virginia. Stone, steel and bone are combined in the brooms and blades linking the modern practitioner to the old gods.

SALE: 10% off with code MOTBEAST

SHOP UPDATE: Shop Update 1/26 at 1:00pm pst

TheBeetlesDilemma - The Beetle's Dilemma.jpg

The Beetle's Dilemma 

The Beetle’s Dilemma creates tiny worlds of peculiar whimsy that explore the intersection of the natural and human realms. Using dried flowers, moss, crystals, little lost treasures, and an array of beautiful beetle specimens, these meticulously constructed dioramas invite us to ponder the lives of insects everywhere.

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