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Ardour Sisterz candle co

Ardour Sister candle carries all the relaxing and natural soy candles and Self care essentials for the whole family. Each candle is meticulously poured with eco-friendly soy wax, infused with premium fragrances that evoke tranquility and sophistication. Whether you seek a cozy ambiance or a delightful gift, our collection offers a blend of luxury and sustainability, illuminating your space with elegance and care. Let’s bond through scents!!

SALE: Get 10% off with MOTBEAST, all purchases come with a free gift & 1 oz candle, and free shipping with purchases over $100

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AromaGeddon Candles

AromaGeddon Candles makes apocalypse-themed scented tins and anatomical votives. Black-owned, eco-friendly, bad-ass.

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Bell & Candle

Bell & Candle handcrafts luxury candles inspired by magic, ritual, mythology and folklore.

SALE: 15% off any order with code MOTBEAST

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L’hermite is a spiritual quest shared through different mediums; illustrations, soy wax candles, his own tarot deck, screen-printed clothing and accessories. The array of creations of L’hermite is inspired by folklore, nature and the identity quest. Each aspect of the final product is thought out and has an importance either with it’s symbolism or narrative. Illustration being his peace haven, it’s from there that ideas and concepts flourish into the physical world and, perhaps, help light the path of those who want to explore their inner journey.


The Ranting Raven

A truly eclectic candle shop featuring scented beeswax novelty candles. There’s truly something for everyone.

SALE: 10% off 

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Toccata & Fougère

Illuminate your senses with Toccata & Fougère: offering a broad line of moody original scents as either candles or incense, we have the perfect finishing touch for your personal space.

SALE: Buy 2 candles, get a free pack of incense.

DONATION: 5% of all sales on the website to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

SHOP UPDATE: Spring Scents Drop on Jan 26th, 9 am PST.

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