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Welcome to Virtual Market of The Beast! 

Use code MOTBEAST for special discounts!!

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Archfiend-Art of TonyKonichek - MoB Spotlight 02  - Tony Konichek.jpg

Abandon Ambition


Dana Teixeira, aka Abandon Ambition, is an American artist residing in France whose artwork focuses on animals and mythical beasts to explore themes of despair, escapism, and survival. Her art can be found on prints, shirts, beanie hats, bookmarks, postcards, stickers, bespoke commission requests, and more.

80E71A98-74D0-4168-9D34-FBE9F037F2F7 - Iris Oppong_edited.jpg

Adela_Creations Arts

CATEGORY: Illustrations / Prints

Adela_Creations Arts is inspired by vintage and gothic aesthetics for their creations. Their artwork invokes dark queer content that has expresses different angles of queerness under the guise of gothic romance and vintage themes and imagery.

SALE: Get 10% off with MOTBEAST, all purchases come with a free gift & 1 oz candle, and free shipping with purchases over $100

2_20231214_004828_0001 - Aroma Geddon.jpg

Adorable and Horrible


Adorable and horrible specializes in scandalous soaps, candles and jewelry ranging from dark erotica to death.

IMG_1437 - Sierra Clark.jpg



For the lovers of all things witchy, fae and fantasy lore inspired, AilaMoonStudio has what you’re looking for. Come and adorn yourself with uniquely made artisan jewelry that will stand out as a statement piece or add a subtle touch of magic to your attire. From large Luna talismans to small moon earrings, there is a variety of treasure to choose from!

 SHOP UPDATE: Shop Update January 26th at 10:00 am PST!

SALE: Free gift with any purchase over $25!

Awakened Creations Apoth 3 - Awakened Creations Apothecary.JPG

Archangel Impressions

CATEGORY: Illustrations / Prints

Fantastical and Mythological fine art illustrations on prints and shirts.

SHOP UPDATE:  February 2nd, 10am PST

SALE: 10% off with code MOTBEAST

IMG_0605 - Rockelle Meagher.jpeg

AromaGeddon Candles

CATEGORY: Candles / Witchcraft

AromaGeddon Candles is a Black, queer, woman-owned business. Each candle fragrance is inspired by various apocalyptic theories, and the anatomical votives serve to remind you what you're really made of. Welcome the end of days with open arms and a touch of style.

SALE: 15% off any order with code MOTBEAST

2109B7F0-FB5A-4703-AAC1-F77D6B3903E9 - Heather Roper.jpeg

Art of RH McClurg

CATEGORY: Illustrations / Prints

RH McClurg is an artist of many, creative outlets.

SHOP UPDATE: Jan 5th midnight pst, three new shirts released 

SALE: 20% off with code MOTBEAST


Dreamtender Leather 3 - Leah Markman.jpg

Bread and Badger

CATEGORY: Home Decor

Bread and Badger sandblasts playful, original graphics onto locally-made ceramics and eco-conscious glassware. Our designs are inspired by rebirth symbology, cats, and folklore to help you express your personality through your home goods.

EllipsisRareBooks1 - Andrew Lenoir.jpg

Clawthorn Creations


Rose Allison of Clawthorn Creations, is a jeweler and interdisciplinary artist who shapes and forms dramatic amulets and adornments from natural materials and vintage treasures. Through the process of electroforming, she encases unique sculptures made from plants, foraged bones, collected antiques, and precious stones in a vibrant, dense coat of copper to create one-of-a-kind art jewelry.

SHOP UDATE: Jan 26th 8am pst: Our latest original creation The Little Book of Book Curses, a compendium, explanation, and exploration of real, surprisingly dark book magic from ancient times to the modern day. Each chapbook is handbound in house.

SALE: Free Ellipsis Rare Tote Bag with purchase of over $200

Espresso Vampire Art_Lonely Ghosted and Dead Valentine’s Mix - T. Sadler (Espresso Vampire

Creepy Girl Trap

CATEGORY: Candles / Witchcraft

Creepy Girl Trap PDX is a certified retailer for tarot cards — whether you’re looking for an indie deck or from recognized brands such as US Games, Llewelyn, or Chronicle Books. We also specialize in hand-crafted and antique dolls, gothic clubwear, cosplay items and unique dark wares.

SHOP UPDATE: Feb 2nd, 12:00 A.M. PST!

SALE: Free Shipping over $30 and Free Mystery Sticker with each order

1000003655 - Fennel & Clark.jpg

Cult of Mourning

CATEGORY: Curiosities / Oddities

For all of the Victorian ghosts, Cult of Mourning specializes in hairwork and oddities inspired by the ritualized mourning practices of the Victorian era.

DONATION: 5% of all sales on the website to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

Screenshot 2023-12-30 at 11-27-17 Antique Teacup Candle Garden Witch Goods - Kate Campbell

Emily V. Keefe Illustration

CATEGORY: Illustrations / Prints

Emily V. Keefe is a New Hampshire based artist who creates detailed pen and ink illustrations for the dark and obscure. Through intricate line-work and dark values, Emily evokes a sense of harmony between the light and the dark to capture the themes of duality that exist in our world, and in ourselves. She encourages viewers to embrace their oddities and celebrate the macabre of existence.

SALE: Free Shipping

Garrett Leo Augustyn3 - Garrett Leo Augustyn.jpg

Fallon Glass and Steel

CATEGORY: Home Decor

Fallon Glass and Steel creates glass art, multimedia sculptures, jewelry, and whimsical home decor.


SALE: Free gift with a purchase


Feral Hag


Hand made feral creations for feral creatures

SHOP UPDATE: Feb 2nd 9am Pst

Grey Jade Herbals - Astral - 1080x1080 - Grey Jade Herbals.png

Horror Pop Designs

CATEGORY: Home Decor

Horror Pop Designs is a hand-embroidery artist and illustrator who uses up-cycling practices. She is inspired by horror movies, dark humor, the occult and the darker side of nature.

SALE: 10% off with MOTBEAST

GrimwaldOddities 1080 1 - Viviana Dalton.jpg

JANVS Studio


JANVS Studio is a dark jewelry company creating edgy accessories for the ethereal, Irregular designs for regular wear.

SHOP UPDATE: Shop Update November 25th 8am, PST

SALE: 10% off, free shipping, and free gift with code MOTBEAST

6BD2C77D-D23F-4656-8C16-7215626E9076 - Jess Riera.jpeg

Joie Higgins

CATEGORY: Illustrations / Prints

Joie Higgins is an artist that portrays horror, pop icons, mythology and the macabre. Her mediums weave her crafts into unsettling goods.

SHOP UPDATE: Feb 2nd 12:01 am PST with NEW items Exclusive to the market!

SALE: 15% off all ready made items and digital items with your code MOTBEAST , Free gift with every purchase AND Free Shipping over $50


Insect Monarch

CATEGORY: Curiosities / Oddities

Insect Monarch is the studio of vintage bubble glass frames full of vibrant florals, Butterflies, Moths, and Beatles! Oddities & Antiques are their passion and they can be found within! 🦋💕

SHOP UPDATE: February 2nd at 9am MTN/EST 11am

SALE: 5% off and FREE shipping with code MOTBEAST

Jonathan Soren Davidson_3 - Jonathan Soren Davidson.jpg

Jonathan Soren Davidson

CATEGORY: Digital Art / Illustrations / Prints

Jonathan Soren Davidson is a trans writer and illustrator. He is interested in using horror as a way of exploring futures of liberation, and believes every act of creation has the potential to be an act of embodiment and resistance.

SALE: 10% off with code MOTBEAST

30FE0A16-1A06-4AB7-ACB7-99412CD34E8B - Kay Weed.jpeg



Kaychainz5000 makes vampyric handmade chain and scale mail designed to be adored an eternity & to outlast your corporeal form.


SALE:11% off with code MOTBEAST

L'hermite - Alexandre Veilleux.jpeg



L’hermite is a spiritual quest shared through different mediums; illustrations, soy wax candles, his own tarot deck, screen-printed clothing and accessories. The array of creations of L’hermite is inspired by folklore, nature and the identity quest. Each aspect of the final product is thought out and has an importance either with it’s symbolism or narrative. Illustration being his peace haven, it’s from there that ideas and concepts flourish into the physical world and, perhaps, help light the path of those who want to explore their inner journey.

4horses - Alex & Noble.jpeg

Laid to Rest

CATEGORY: Digital Art/ Illustration

Laid to Rest is a creative partnership of macabre jewelry, art, and decorative work. Skilled in maceration, our work begins at death and the intention is always to honor the life that was.

SALE: Free shipping

DCC29B70-94D7-4BFC-9509-0323966D3EDD - Ley Woods.jpeg


CATEGORY: Accessories / Apparel

LeatherDykeClub was born in 2020 with the accessibility of affordability, sizing, and culture of leather and kink in mind. This brand has always strived for promoting queer and gender good feelings and to make pieces that folks feel confident, comfortable, and sexy in.

This is a size inclusive shop, with no questions asked sliding scale pricing, and sources its leather from recycled leather. Recycled leather is gathered through donations, thrifting, and otherwise repurposed leather.

Each leather piece is designed and handcrafted by Ley Woods, a disabled trans queer on Piscataway Land (Washington, DC).


LongAfterMidnite - Carlos Negrete.jpg

Long After Midnite

CATEGORY: Apothecary

Organic teas and tisanes made with sustainably sourced ingredients that are handcrafted, original creations.

SALE: All teas are 10% off and ship for free with code MOTBEAST. 

Lunar Leos LLC - Courtney Allen.jpeg

Lunar Leos LLC

CATEGORY: Apothecary

Lioness Owned,
Lunar Leos was founded in 2021 by two mystic Leos curating witchy goods, spell tools and occult learning to help connect us with the magick within. With our offerings we strive to celebrate the glory of natural magick and educate the wider community by making both herbal witchcraft products and information accessible. Lunar Leos products are small batch, naturally derived, skin-safe and woman owned.

SALE: 20% off with code MOTBEAST

SHOP UPDATE: NEW OIL RELEASE! Will start on Friday, Jan 26th at 9am PST/12PM EST

Virtual Booth: TikTok

IMG_9597 - Kara Calvo.jpeg



Metalbox offers earrings and accessories inspired by horror and dark humor. Primarily made of resin, you’ll also find pieces incorporating glass, paper, and plenty of glitter.

SHOP UPDATE: Feb 2nd at 10am EST

SALE: 10% off with code MOTBEAST

Of_elsewhere4 - Of Elsewhere (1).jpg

Of Elsewhere


Hand fabricated jewelry with animal skulls and bones motifs. All sterling silver with semi precious gemstones. She makes real tintype images of creatures sculpted and placed within the world of Elsewhere.

Ofgraveconcern - Glenn Church.jpg


CATEGORY: Home Decor

Original Art ! Real History! 1348 - 1848. Original, handmade dark, macabre and Gothic historically based art, inspired by historical psychology, events, folklore and historical figures; from the Black Death, to the Gothic Victorian.

Featuring Gothic historical illustration, prints, candles, tarot cards, bottles,
and plaques providing a creative window into dark history.

SALE: Free shipping

Oli Jolly Ink Ghostie Earrings  - Oli Woodley.jpg

Oli Jolly Ink

CATEGORY: Accessories / Apparel

Oli Jolly Ink is the quirky and queer creation of Seattle based illustrator, Oli Woodley. Oli’s work is inspired by vintage illustration, tattoos and pop art. If you like odd little creations that will bring a sense of whimsy to your life, look no further than Oli Jolly Ink.

SALE: Free gift with purchase

1E7DADCF-BBCF-4726-87DF-297D35166285 - Ashley Mathews.jpeg

Pretty Undead


Pretty Undead is a shop for all your spooky, cute and nostalgic needs! If you need a statement piece of jewelry, pop socket, or a vibrator keychain then be sure to stop by ☠️🖤👻⚰️

SHOP UPDATE: January 25th 

SALE: Free gift with every purchase and free shipping on orders over $35!

DONATION: 10% of sales will go to The Trevor Project.


PurpleApparitions - Sam Pagter.jpeg


CATEGORY: Digital Art/ Illustrations

Purple Apparitions is an artist that creates spooky yet vivid pieces and prints. She creates stickers, cards, and patches as well. Her specialty is in creating unique tarot crossover pieces.

SALE: 10% off



CATEGORY: Curiosities / Oddities

Pyrography on bone. Each piece burned with a one of a kind design on ethically sourced bone to honor each animals life. Glass etched scrying mirrors. 

QueenOfSwords3 - Jennifer Surdyk.jpg

Queen of Swords

CATEGORY: Apothecary

Queen of Swords creates unique herbal smoking blends and mystical fragrance potions for magical humans. Everything is Organic, personally foraged/grown or ethically sourced, sustainably packaged, and handcrafted in-house with big Queen of Swords energy.

IMG_5582 - Red Wolf Apothecary.jpeg

Red Wolf Apothecary

CATEGORY: Apothecary

Looking for natural, ethical body care products AND an outstanding array of crystals and minerals?
Red Wolf Apothecary is a full service apothecary that uses traditional plant medicine to ease what ails you. Our products are handcrafted and selected with care from the best materials the earth has provided!

SHOP UPDATE: Black Heart Honey Soap Jan. 27, 12pm pst

Virtual Booth: TikTok Live Jan 27th 12-3pm pst with @punkrockpro

SarahABand - Sarah Band.jpeg

Sarah A Band

CATEGORY: Ceramics/ Glasswork

Sarah Band creates hand-blown glass sculptures inspired by anatomy and creepy stuff! Her work includes glass human anatomy sculptures, glass jewelry, and real skulls decorated with her glass work.

SALE: 15% off with code MOTBEAST

Sequoia Arts Shop - Tiahna Williams.jpg

Sequoia Arts Shop

CATEGORY: Ceramics/ Glasswork

Sequoia Arts Shop offers unique and artistic ceramics, reflecting elements of the macabre and the natural world. Exploring these themes through the alchemical process of pottery creates beautiful fusion of art and craftsmanship.

SALE: 15% off using code MOTBEAST


Smith&StoneCo-Skeletal Remains - Samantha Rowe.jpeg

Smith & Stone Co.


Smith & Stone Co. creates handcrafted one of a kind sterling silver adornments with an old-world feel. Inspired by the beauty and wonder of Mother Earth, the Occult, Ancient Cultures, Alchemy, and Witchcraft featuring natural gemstones and crystals.

Hand forged in Los Angeles by Artist Samantha Rowe, who has been making jewelry for the last 10 years and is self-taught in the art of Metalsmithing. Her Husband, Nathanial Rowe, is a lapidary artist and provides some of the natural gemstones and crystals that are set in Smith & Stone Co. jewelry.

Each piece is created using traditional metalsmith techniques. All designs are hand sawn, soldered, sanded, and polished with the greatest attention to detail, making each piece a unique work of art.

SALE: Free shipping on orders over $50

DONATION: 10% of sales will be donated to the Black Cat Rescue of LA

IMG_3639 - Sarah Dodge.jpeg

Snake Head Studios

CATEGORY: Ceramics/ Glasswork

Snake Head Studios creates handcrafted pottery, inspired by Norse mythology and paganism. We offer altar pieces, incense holders, rune sets, mugs and ritual plates.

Marketing Poster (1) - Fern Rendon.png

SpookyCute Stationery

CATEGORY: Books/ Journals

SpookyCuteStationery - Get Organized Stay Spooky

SALE: 10% off with code MOTBEAST

5D0E88EB-AE16-441C-A2A3-FA8B28779A30 - Stephanie Odoms.jpeg

Stephie's Lingerie LLC

CATEGORY: Accessories

Stephie’s lingerie curates bespoke high quality lingerie for ANY body. Using only the highest quality materials and standards for each specialized piece, customized to your preferences

6 The Lovers Flat - Steven Black.jpeg

Steven Russell Black

CATEGORY: Digital Art/ Illustration

Steven Russell Black is a fine artist and illustrator living and working in

the San Francisco Bay Area.

He is a painter who loves the darker side of surrealism. His work often reveals the horror under the surface of beautiful things and the beauty in the horrific.

His client list includes Wizards of the Coast: Magic the Gathering and Image Comics. Steven's work has been in print publications, Imagine FX, and Spectrum Fantastic Art. His work has been featured online with Hi-Fructose and Juxtapoz.

SALE: 25% OFF with Code MOTBEAST

70C858CE-5A2F-4B28-A1AE-B0004DDFE437 - Alexandra Stiff.jpeg


CATEGORY: Ceramics/ Glasswork

Artsy siblings that create a unique variety of hand crafted art ranging from functional glass, jewelry, prints and more.

SALE: 25% off all orders with code MOTBEAST. FREE shipping on all orders of 2 or more items. 

Venomous Blades by Stone Heart Forge  - Marnie Dollinger.heif

Stone Heart Forge

CATEGORY: Curiosities / Oddities

Stone Heart Forge is a woman owned blacksmithing, broom making and flintknapping shop located in Northern Virginia. Stone, steel and bone are combined in the brooms and blades linking the modern practitioner to the old gods.

SHOP UPDATE: 1/26 at 1:00pm pst

SALE: 10% off with code MOTBEAST

StrangeGhostsThumbnail - Maria Huls.jpeg

Strange Ghosts

CATEGORY: Digital Art/ Illustration

Maria is a Cincinnati-based illustrator, print maker, and designer whose work centers around horror, folklore, and witchcraft themes. At Strange Ghosts, find prints, posters, stickers, and other ghoulish goodies. Come in and sit for a spell.

SALE: 25% off all orders. FREE shipping on all orders over $35.

Stregas Moon Metal 20230825_152156 - Carley Conemac.jpg

Stregas Moon Metal


Hailing from the wild landscapes of Homer, Alaska, Stregas Moon Metal channels the primal energy of the untamed north into their fierce and meticulously crafted precious metal creations.

SALE: 10% off store wide discount code

SHOP UPDATE: 6pm Alaska (7pm central) on Jan. 25th

Sweet & Wicked - Allison Bautista.png

Sweet & Wicked


Adornments for the Sweet & the Wicked ❤️‍🔥 Specializing in custom oddity jewels, find yourself one-of-a-kind earrings, chokers, and chains.

SALE: 20% off, free keychain & sticker

TheBeetlesDilemma - The Beetle's Dilemma.jpg

The Beetle's Dilemma 

CATEGORY: Curiosities/ Oddities

The Beetle’s Dilemma creates tiny worlds of peculiar whimsy that explore the intersection of the natural and human realms. Using dried flowers, moss, crystals, little lost treasures, and an array of beautiful beetle specimens, these meticulously constructed dioramas invite us to ponder the lives of insects everywhere.

IMG_0131 - Keri Rico.jpeg

The Dark Modiste

CATEGORY: Accessories / Apparel

The Dark Modiste is a fashion line that focuses on size inclusivity, incorporating modern fabrics into historical patterns.

SALE: 20% off with code MOTBEAST

SHOP UPDATE: New Release & Restock Jan 26th, 5pm pst

Virtual Booth: TikTok


The Ranting Raven


A truly eclectic candle shop featuring scented beeswax novelty candles. There’s truly something for everyone.

SALE: 10% off 

1000003656 - Toccata & Fougère.jpg

Toccata & Fougère


Illuminate your senses with Toccata & Fougère: offering a broad line of moody original scents as either candles or incense, we have the perfect finishing touch for your personal space.

SALE: Buy 2 candles, get a free pack of incense.

DONATION: 5% of all sales on the website to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

SHOP UPDATE: Spring Scents Drop on Jan 26th, 9 am PST.


Toxic Doom Studios

CATEGORY: Accessories / Apparel

Toxic Doom Studios is an apparel brand inspired by Horror, the Occult, and Metal Music. All designs are 100% original.

SALE: Buy One get One 25% Off

IGpost - Tracy Laub.png

Tracy Laub Art

CATEGORY: Digital Prints/ Illustration

Tracy Laub is a digital illustrator based out of Cottage Grove, Oregón

Siren Song Watermarked PNG (SM Squared) - Shannon Duncan (Unfinished by Duncan).png

Unfinished By Duncan

CATEGORY: Digital Prints/ Illustration

Unfinished by Duncan (UBD) is a small woman-owned business creating art and graphic designs with a traditional tattoo twist to the macabre. Based in Arizona, UBD sells art prints, bookmarks, glass tumblers with vinyl designs, keychains, and more. All art and illustrations are hand-drawn by the shop owner, Shannon, this includes commission work and special requests.


SALE: 10% off orders over $50.00

Virtual Booth: YouTube

Capture - Ash Goff.jpg

Wild Blood Herbs

CATEGORY: Apothecary

Wild Blood Herbs: Thrive in the Wild. Specializing in herbs that simultaneously support your health and the health of our natural ecosystems.

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